In Florida especially, it's common to have moss growing on your trees. Here in Jacksonville, Spanish moss is most common to grow on our trees. Despite the way it looks, moss isn’t a fungus or a parasite and doesn’t drain trees of its nutrients. Moss is a plant that just uses trees to grow on.

While moss can add a rustic and historic look to your property, it does add a significant amount of weight to trees. The extra weight can lead to damage and can shorten the life of the tree. If moss spreads out across the branches, your trees may not be able to produce leaves. This can be harmful to the tree as most of its nutrients are absorbed through its leaves. This can cause the health of the tree to decline.

Demossing is a delicate process which is why it’s important to hire someone who will do the job correctly. When demossing, it’s not just about getting the moss off of the tree fast and efficiently. It’s about removing the moss while preserving the health of the tree. That means not excessively scraping off bark and leaves, as they are the key to keeping your tree healthy.