Cabling & Bracing

How we can help?

As trees grow, they might not be able to properly support themselves. This can lead to structural issues that might cause the tree to fall, damaging your home or property. Your tree might also start declining in health due to structural issues.

Cabling and bracing is a process done to provide supplemental support for your trees to prevent potential damage. Cabling and bracing provide support for trees and tree limbs that might otherwise fall and cause damage.

In Florida, this service is especially important. Having your trees cabled and braced minimizes their movement during storms. That means less potential damage to your property and less damage to your tree.

An inspection will be done in order to determine the best way to brace your trees. Once complete, we will get to work cabling and bracing your tree limbs.

Each year, the hardware in your trees needs to be inspected to ensure that they are working properly. From being exposed to the elements, to the normal growth of trees, there are many things that can affect how the hardware is functioning.

Cabling and bracing help redistribute the weight of the tree so one area or section isn’t supporting the rest of the tree.

Though this process does help your tree, it is not a guarantee that the tree will not damage or fall.